Are your devices new or pre-owned?

Our products are all graded based on aesthetic condition. All devices, regardless of their physical condition, will be in an as new working condition meaning that they are secondhand but have been fully refurbished by our team and now function like a new device. All devices sold, unless stated otherwise, are fully unlocked and sim free. 

All our phones are refurbished by our experienced in-house technicians and we perform over 30 tests on each device to ensure the product you get is reliable and of great quality.

Pre-owned refurbished devices may contain OEM parts. Refurbished devices may contain an IMEI or serial number which may not match the unit's colour and rear enclosures may also not match the serial number of the device. The device may contain third-party parts including but not limited to the screen, battery, charging port, camera etc.

Refurbished devices are completely restored to a new condition, which means that the technical condition resembles that of a new device.

However, due to the refurbishment, the IP54 or IP67 certification can no longer be guaranteed and therefore water resistance is excluded from the warranty conditions.