How do I check if my device is network unlocked?

Find out if your device is network unlocked, and how to unlock it.

When you buy a device with a bill pay plan, or directly from a network store (Three, Vodafone etc), it might be locked to that specific network. Only that network’s SIM cards can then be used with the device. 

In order to sell us your device, it must be network unlocked.

The easiest way to check for a network lock is to try a different network’s SIM in your device.

  • Borrow a SIM from a friend or family member, and pop it into your phone. Give it a couple of minutes to initialise. 
  • Check if you have signal and data. 
  • Try making a phone call. 

If you have no signal, cannot make a call, or if you are prompted for a SIM unlock code, this means your device is network locked

To unlock your device, click the relevant link below to get unlocking instructions. Your network provider will be responsible for removing the lock.