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What should my returns photographs look like?

If you have been asked to provide photographs of your device by our team.

Our team may ask you for photographs of your device in order to initiate the returns process, or as part of our buy-back process. 

We do this to ensure that the device has not undergone any visible physical damage,* and for reference in the rare case of damage incurred during transit.** 

If we notice that the device is damaged in the photographs, we will advise accordingly.

  • We require photographs of the front, back, and sides of the device
  • Photographs should be clear and in focus
  • Photographs should be well-lit
  • Photographs should be taken in bright natural light or bright artificial light - not using flash
  • The entire device must be in the photographs - no part of the device should be cropped or covered

Sample Set of Photographs: 

Front & Back of Device

S.P Front S.P. Rear 

Top & Bottom Edges

S.P. Top EdgeS.P. Bottom

Left & Right Sides 

S.P. Left Side S.P. Right Side

*Physical damage is a warranty exclusion under the warranty that we provide. See more here. 

**Please note that we do not take responsibility for any damage incurred in transit - images can be used to make an insurance claim with the courier in question.